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  • An intrepid, joyful fashion, based on Upcycling for eternal kids.
Why, then?
Because nothing can replace the pleasure of putting on a garment that suits you completely, that highlights your difference and makes you unique.
an exclusive outfit that gives you a smile and gives you an almost childlike joy!

The adventure begins with the material, and what could be more inspiring than an upcycled material? She speaks, she tells a story. It is necessary to listen to it well because it is it which will indicate the ideal cut which corresponds to him. Upcycling consists of selecting old, high-quality materials and giving them a second life.                                                                         

     A vintage pure new wool blanket from the 1960s, for example, becomes a trendy Vestoune in 2022. An old embroidered linen tablecloth reappears in the form of an adorable Roboune. Isn't life beautiful?

Knowing that you are the only one to wear this exclusive creation and that in addition you have done good for the planet, the ultimate luxury, right?                                                                        
All creations are developed and produced in the bay of La Baule by the ocean.
 100% made in France, 100% slow slow slow Fashion .
Maison Anna Seberg offers you creations in unique pieces or in mini-series according to his desires and his encounters with upcycled materials that are so inspiring.


Designer Anna Seberg?

  Fashion design is a profession-passion screwed into the body since my early childhood.
An intrepid and nomadic journey:
- Nantes. After 3rd cycle studies in geography and regional planning, I moved to Nantes and created my brand of women's ready-to-wear "Anna Seberg". A journalist from the daily Le Monde will write - in my favorite article - " Anna draws clothes like landscapes" .
Wonderful consistency that I hadn't realized before, thanks again!
- Paris. Then comes the time of the Women's Ready-to-Wear show in Paris, "Atmospheres" sector. My collections are a great success with many French and foreign multi-brand shops that place orders with me. Collections assembled at marvelous manufacturers in La Roche sur Yon in Vendée.
- Minorca. In 2013, leaving for new adventures, I settled by chance on the island of Menorca in Spain on the Mediterranean side, in Ciutadella just above the port. Opening of a creative workshop and a boutique "La maison d'Anna" where I have delighted to welcome tourists from all over the world for 8 years. Tasty experience. And my creations continue to travel the world, I love it!
- La baie de la Baule. 2021, the adventure continues; Direction France, exit the Mediterranean. In lack of the Atlantic Ocean and its tides, I settle in the bay of La Baule, and set up the online sales site Maison Anna Seberg by highlighting an operation clearly based on local production and the use of beautiful old upcycled materials.
-May 2023, back to basics! I am opening a workshop-boutique at 13 avenue Sainte-Anne in Nantes in this delicious district of la butte Sainte-Anne where I have already had the chance to live for 20 years.
This new place and this new mode of operation inspire me and give me the desire to create more and more in the form of mini-series and unique pieces, creations like paintings, which vary according to the inspiration of the day. and because you are all different.
Diversity is so beautiful.
Long live Upcycled fashion!